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Based on the LASER cut constructive parts you get a very high precision (nearly) without measuring or adjusting.

The plywood parts/puzzle are hold together with key and slots and a little bit of glue. Through the box design with cross bracing the stiffness is very high. The box design guarantees also a high angle precision.

Linear system rods are pressed in and the linear bearing are hold by a 2-componentt glue (epoxy).

Magnetic joints simplified the construction by giving a very high precision, less friction and zero backlash.

All non-plywood parts are standard industrial parts you can buy in online shops and eBay. (only drive shafts have to be sawed)

Necessary tools: LASER cutter (visit a FabLab/Hackerspace in your area), hand saw for metal, screw drivers, inbus keys, gripper, cutter, soldering iron

 Technische Deten   Specifications

Principle Delta / Rostock
Construction LASER cut 4mm plywood or MDF (5 pieces a 400 x 300 mm)
Printing area square 190 x 190 mm or
circle 220 mm diameter
fits PCB Heatbed.
Square heatbed shifted by 15 mm in +Y direction
Printing height 225 mm (Beta 1)
275 mm (Beta 2)
(at a linear system length of 650 mm)
(at a linear system length of 700 mm)
about linear system length minus 425 mm
Dimension base box 337 x 296 x 60 mm
Dimension top box 337 x 296 x 20 mm
Dimension printer 337 x 296 x 650 mm depends on linear system length
Joints Magnetic (neodym ring magnets with bearing balls)
Drive Stepper motors with timing belt GT2 or T2.5

 Teile   Parts

Base and Top Box

The base and top boxes are made of LASER cut plywood and hold together with key and slots and a little bit of glue. Through the box design with cross bracing the stiffness is very high. All holders, fittings, slots… are part of the LASER cut design.

Linear System

Beta 1: Standard industrial linear system with a 8 mm drive shafts and linear bearings LM8UU

Beta 2: Standard industrial linear system with a 12 mm drive shafts and linear bearings LM12LUU

The printing height depends on the length of the shafts. 100 mm more shaft gives 100 mm more printing room but also more instability.

Timing Belt and Pulleys

Standard industrial timing belt type GT2 with a 20 tooth pulley OR type T2.5 with a 16 tooth pulley


Magnetic joints made by neodym ring magnets (10 x 6 x 3 mm) with bearing balls (12 mm).

Beta 1: The balls are glued to the lift and carriage. The magnets are part of the rods.

Beta 2: The magnets are pressed in and glued to the lift and carriage. The balls are part of the rods.

See also article Magnet joint

Extruder Nozzle

A standard J Head Nozzle is used. See also RepRap Interface Standard RIS 1 for nozzle holder.

Bowden Extruder Drive

The extruder drive case is also LASER cut and is related to the Wade’s Geared Extruder.

The details are described in the separate article Wood-D Extruder Drive.

Heated Bed

The base box is designed to hold a standard square PCB Heatbed (active area 190x190mm). Alternatively a disk with a diameter up to 300mm can be used (active area diameter 220mm).

The square heated bed is shifted 15 mm in +Y direction to reach the corners and get a bigger print area.

Three long holes are available for own disk bed design.


Any electronics compliant with RepRap Interface Standard RIS 1. See List of electronics

Used in Beta 1: Arduino Mega 2560 with RAMPS 1.4 shield and Marlin firmware

The electronic is mounted on a ‘drawer’ to easily adapt to any other electronics.

The base box gives enough room for hide the board and all cables. For the wiring to the top box two aluminum tubes holds the cables.

Stückliste   Bill of Materials


  • # Parts
  • 5 4 mm plywood or MDF with 400 x 300 mm
  • 3 Steel shaft 12 mm with length 700 mm (grounded surface and hardened)
  • 6 Long linear bearing for 12 mm LM12LUU
  • 2 Aluminum tube 16 mm with length 640 mm
  • 6 Ball Bearing with flange F605ZZ
  • 3 Steel shaft 5 mm with length 34 mm
  • 3 Timing belt GT2 or T2.5 with length about 2 m
  • 6 Pulley for GT2 (20 teeth) or T2.5 (16 teeth)
  • 3 NEMA 17 Stepper Motor
  • 12 Screws M3 x 8
  • 12 Washer M3
  • 12 Bearing balls 12 mm
  • 12 Neodym ring magnets 10 x 6 x 3 mm
  • 1 PCB Heated bed
  •  ? Screws and springs for heated bed
  • 1 Thermistor
  • 3 End switch
  •  ? Screws and springs for end switch
  • 1 Controller unit with stepper driver (Arduino+RAMPS, Gen7, Megatronics, Sanguinololu…)
  • 1..2 Fan 40 mm
  • 1 Power supply
  • 1 Power switch
  • 1 Extruder HotEnd (J-Head-nozzle)
  • 1 Extruder drive (Wood-D Extruder Drive)
  • 1 PTFE (Teflon™) 4/2 mm tube lenth about 1 m
  • …to be completed…
  • Casein Glue
  • 2 Component Glue (Epoxy)


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Alle Open-Source-Dateien sind auf dem GitHub-Server unter https://github.com/jkDesignDE/Wood-D verfügbar. Bitte noch etwas Geduld…

Sobald die erste Beta-Phase abgeschlossen ist, gibt es die Design-Dateien (CDR) und LASER-Cut-Dateien (PDF) zum freien Download.

…vorab: Dimensions.pdf für Beta 2


Artikel auf der RepRap.org-Seite unter reprap.org/wiki/Wood-D (englisch)


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